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A brief history of the Battery Shops


In 1972, battery pioneer Grady Lynn founded the first Battery Shop, Inc., as a battery distributor.  By the mid 1970's he had 12 locations selling aircraft batteries across the country and began manufacturing his own PMA's.  His goal was to design and build FAA-PMA emergency batteries and temperature sensors for all aircraft on the market.  By the mid 1980's the Battery Shop, Inc., successfully acquired FAA-PMA’s for almost all of the nickel cadmium, lead acid, emergency battery packs and temperature sensors, and built over half of the aircraft batteries on the market at that time.  In 1986 Grady sold the company to Van Duesen who later sold to Ryder-Aviall which then spun-off from Ryder, and became Aviall, Inc., currently owned by Boeing.


In 2007, Grady Lynn formed Aircraft Battery Shop LLC.  Aircraft Battery Shop has the same mission as the original company; to design and build FAA-PMA batteries and temperature sensors for all aircraft on the market today, and to develop new products for the benefit of our customers and the industry.  In 2009 Grady Lynn Sold ABS to Mr. Jim Wilks, an aviation business professional of over 30 years and retired from the airline industry.